Booker Election Nullified?


Here is the link to the Petition, stamped "Received" by Vice President Joe Biden, and turned over to the "Rules and Administration Committee" for immediate consideration and action.  Every voting member of that body received there executed copies yesterday, having been in receipt of the electronic filing BEFORE the election was even held on October 16th. 




Signed by no less than FIVE of the EIGHT Candidates for office, the petition clearly informs the Senate, and the General Public, of the violations of Election Law committed by ALL 21 County Clerks, Lt. Governor Guadagno, the Attorney General's office, (specifically, Assistant Attorney General Donna Kelly), and other Election Officials.


Illegal Actions have consequences.  State and Federal Laws were broken in the conduct of a Federal Election.


What will the result be?


It's in the hands of the "Rules and Administration Committee".


They are listed individually on the following document, which also demonstrates that the petition is received by the committee:




I am personally offended by the disregard for the rule of law demonstrated by the actions of elected and appointed officials in the conduct of this election.  It is with that intent that this information is shared with you.


Frederick John LaVergne, "Democratic-Republican" for Congress, New Jersey District Three, 2014.


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