Volunteer to Drive (Essex, Union area)

Make a difference in people's lives by volunteering to drive - vehicles, gas and insurance provided by EZ Ride. 

All around us are neighbors who would love to have opportunities that we take for granted but are not able to drive, have a disability or no access to public transportation. Meadowlink offers a vital link to work, doctors appointments, shopping or visit relatives. We make it an EZ ride by providing cars, gas and insurance. YOU can make it happen by volunteering as a driver! 

EZ Ride and Flex T Mobility Partners provide fuel efficient vehicles, gas and insurance to help transport Union/ Essex County residents to and from doctors visits, grocery stores, work and other locations. The cost of transport is kept affordable through the use of volunteer drivers. 

Benefits of volunteering to drive your community friends and neighbors in need include the FREE use of the EZ Ride car and gas on weekends (based on # hours volunteering), AAA Driver Safety Course, and the sense of reward that comes with helping others. 

For more than 25 years, we have worked to reduce traffic by providing innovative transportation solutions. EZ Ride also offers bicycle and pedestrian services, car sharing, and car services for older adults and people with reduced mobility. 

For more information please visit our website at www.ezride.org or contact us toll free at 973-961-6940.


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