EURO 2012: Spain Trounces Italy

Records set during European championship blowout

Red and gold Spanish flags flew from rooftops and passing cars in the Ironbound Sunday following defending World Cup champion Spain's drubbing of Italy, 4-0, in the 2012 European finals held in Kiev, Ukraine.

Defending Euro champions Spain squared off against an aggressive Italian team that soundly beat Germany 2-1 early last week. Spain is now a repeat European champion, while Italy still has not won the European title since 1968.

Last Wednesday, Spain defeated Portugal 4-2 in a penalty kick shootout after neither team was able to score in regulation time.

Though the Ironbound community was divided between Portugal and Spain earlier in the week, some fans expressed their hope that Spain would win it all, while flags from both countries flew along Ferry Street.

"It feels really great to see Spain win because I'm of Puerto Rican descent," said Will Caballero, who caught the game at Manu's Tapas Bar and Sushi Lounge. Caballero said the win against Portugal was particularly special because Spain fans are largely outnumbered in the Ironbound, where he lives.

Other serious Spain enthusiasts jeered dejected Portugal fans as they trickled into the street. Fans from both sides were heard cursing each other out, while one Spain zealot stopped traffic to flaunt the country's flag in the middle of the street.

Spain was the top Euro pick for Sandra Dias, a Newark transplant who now lives in Bloomfield.

"I'll be rooting for Spain (in the finals), no hard feelings," she said.


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