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Guerilla Galleries Presents:

“CROPPED: An Intimate View” Portraits by Seth Ruggles Hiler

NEWARK, NJ (August 26 – September 25, 2011)

Opening Reception August 26th 6pm to 10pm

It could be argued that portraiture is far more intimate than even a full scale nude. Both parties involved must lend themselves to a personal process. The model allows them self to be studied and captured, and the artist must allow them self to capture an image that at times walks the line between flattery and insult.

An artist always lends a piece of them self to whatever subject they happen to be engaged in. An artist capturing a portrait naturally throws in elements that they wish to change, exemplify or downplay; a crooked nose, full eyebrows, sensuous lips … all become anchors for the artist to create something around. A portrait is not so much what literally exists as much as what the artist can see.

Guerilla Galleries is proud to present a selection of Seth Ruggles Hiler’s ongoing portrait drawing series, exhibited for the first time as a solo collection. Hiler received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art and has been exhibiting his work and contributing to the arts community for the better part of a decade. Hiler has received numerous awards and honors and was recently featured at the Monmouth Museum as part of their “NJ Emerging Artists Series”.

“I am a product of the computer revolution, isolated as an effect of infinitely computerized media. Although I am classically trained, my art is dependent on the computer. My knowledge of human anatomy and form is the basis of my work but digital photography, Internet research, and image manipulation via the computer take place regularly in my studio practice.

… I use digital sources of my own photographs and other images found on the Internet. Through these lenses something is lost frequently. My work uncovers the humanity lying beyond the pixilated surface of my subjects. I seek out “sitters” who inspire me artistically whether I find them in my physical community or as strangers on the World Wide Web. My long‐distance subjects upload photographic self‐portraits. Their goals might include re‐establishing old or obtaining new friendships as well as searching for sex, whether it be in person or via cables circling the globe.
In this age of human isolation, it is often through computerized media that self‐exposure becomes intimate.
All of my portraits create a similar yet individual end product to which the observer may respond. I purposefully do not reveal the source of the images. Their origin is a mystery. But ultimately, the main goal of viewing the final work is to experience an intimate exchange.”
‐“Seth Ruggles Hiler”

An opening reception will be held at ONE Gallery on Friday, August 26 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., free and open to the public. ONE Gallery is conveniently located off of Route 21 in the lower lobby of One Gateway Center, directly across from Newark Penn Station. Please visit www.gugaart.com for gallery hours, directions and more information.
This event is hosted by leading real estate owner and developer Advance Realty, owner of One Gateway Center. Like all events hosted at One Gallery, a portion of the proceeds of “CROPPED: An Intimate View” will raise money for Newark‐based charities through the Advance Realty

GuGa is very proud to announce the addition of the music of SHAYFER JAMES to the opening reception for CROPPED!

When Shayfer James approaches the piano, there is a certain power and mischievous charm that surrounds him. A bewitching sense of foreboding builds as his fingers touch the piano, and as he begins to sing, his raw, ethereal voice and darkly evocative stories envelop the crowd. Mr. James will be bringing with him a tribe of miscreants to the Guerilla Galleries opening for Seth Ruggles Hiler's works on August 26th, 2011. Not to be missed.


Foundation, which was formed in 2001 to improve education and educational opportunities, preserve arts and history, positively affect today’s youth/families, and enhance economic opportunities for at‐risk and urban populations.

About Guerilla Galleries
Guerilla Galleries (GuGa) was founded and is directed by Stan Sudol and Christine Wagner, two artists who wished to exhibit their own art, as well as other established and emerging artists, in a new and innovative manner. They have approached the gallery in a new fashion by providing an ever‐changing venue tailored to the artists and works being exhibited. They strive to create, market and execute professional, high‐impact exhibitions where the artwork takes first priority.

About Advance Realty Foundation
The Advance Realty Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization established in 2001 by Peter J. Cocozielli, founder and CEO of leading real estate developer and owner Advance Realty of Bedminster, N.J. The mission of the Advance Realty Foundation is to meaningfully improve the self‐sufficiency and effectiveness of organizations focused on education, arts/humanities, youth, families and community development issues. Since 2001, it has supported such charitable organizations locally as St. Vincent’s Academy in Newark and many others statewide. To date, the One Gallery has featured more than 60 original works of art and photographs from local artists.


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