Newark Penn Station Installs Paper Money Change Machines

NJ Transit machines will dispense change in dollar bills rather than dollar coins.

For years, customers have complained about receiving dollar coins as change from vending machines for many reasons.

But NJ Transit customers looking to purchase tickets at Newark Penn Station will walk around with less jingling in their pockets now that the company has installed the first ticket machines that dispense change in dollar bills instead of dollar coins, according to a report on CBSlocal.com.

NJ Transit Fare Collections Manager Frank Gorman told CBSlocal.com once the machine swap is complete, the transit system will be the first one in the world to have ticket machines that give out paper money for change.


Mike from Newark February 15, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Cool no more $1 coins. I know it's popular for some to complain about NJ Transit, but in my opinion they provide an amazing service to this city. We're lucky enough to have affordable world class subway, bus and rail service -- not to mention access link for the elderly and disabled.


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