Another Intersection Getting Traffic Cameras

Motorists who blast through red lights will get warning until May 11

The is adding an additional automated red light photo enforcement system, a robotic traffic cop that snaps pictures of the license plates of motorists who ignore red lights.

The latest system is being installed at Raymond Boulevard and Lockwood Street, city officials announced yesterday. Motorists who run through a red light at this intersection will receive a warning until May 11, after which violators will receive an $85 ticket. 
“This program was created for the critical purpose of increasing pedestrian and motor safety at our busiest intersections,” Mayor Cory Booker said. “With our partners, we are efficiently and proactively monitoring motorists who disregard our laws and disrespect the lives of our residents by running red lights. This system holds motorists accountable, helps to reduce traffic accidents, and saves lives. I commend our Department of Engineering and the New Jersey Department of Transportation on developing and implementing this program here in Newark.”
The City of Newark’s “Project Red Light” Automated Photo Enforcement System first went into operation on December 16, 2009, at the intersection of Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard and the intersection of Broad and Market streets. The New Jersey Department of Transportation issued its one-year Red Light Running Report in November 2011 and it stated that for Broad Street and Market Street overall crashes decreased 25 percent, and for Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard overall crashes decreased 74 percent. Taking both intersections into consideration, Red Light Running Program had a net economic benefit of $149,000, the city said in a statement.
The city has also received approval from the New Jersey Department of Transportation to install Automated Photo Enforcement Systems at three new intersections, Washington Street and Central Avenue in the Central Ward and Bergen Street and Avon Avenue and Bergen and West Runyon streets in the South Ward. The systems at these intersections will become operational later this year.
 The type of violation issued is similar to one for running a red light captured by a police officer on the street, with the exception that no points will be assigned against the driver or the owner of the vehicle.

SEsteves April 20, 2012 at 03:25 PM
"This program was created for the critical purpose of increasing pedestrian and motor safety at our busiest intersections,” Mayor Cory Booker says.. Really?? why does Newark have these camera's ALL over the city, busy and Non busy intersections??? This is BULLSHIT!!!. OBVIOUSLY this is another way for the city of Newark to get extra money.. at $85 a pop they're are filling their money hungry pockets with our hard earned $$$. Try to make a right while the light is red!!! Go ahead I dare you! You will get a ticket in the mail in the next 4 days. I believe the State of NJ allows "unless posted" its motorists to turn on red once you make a full stop... Be aware!!!


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