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Beating on a Train, Peeing in a Changing Room

Also, police say one drunk man tries to help another—and both wind up arrested.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Some of the recent reports :

You've Got a (Hic) Friend: You've got to admire their ambition, if not their judgment. Police say . The first man drunkenly hit a deer, police say. The second man drove a Jeep to the first's house—and crashed a jeep on the way, according to police. They then took a third vehicle (belonging to the first man's family) to try to tow the minivan, which was badly damaged, police said. And finally, when seeing police approaching, the helpful friend allegedly fled, and returned to the first crashee's home. Even once officers had caught up to both men, police said, both remained drunk—and in a decent amount of trouble.

Call it a High-Steaks Theft: There's just something about the filet mignon at Kings in Garwood. On Feb. 16, video surveillance provided by King Security showed a man . This is the second time in the past 10 months that the grocery chain suffered a high-steaks robbery. In the first case, police developed information which led to Shanley's identification and he eventually turned himself in. The February steak smuggler is still on the loose, leaving officials wondering: Where's the beef?

Off the Rails: A Westville woman whose after it was posted to YouTube late last year . The woman admitted to first shoving her boyfriend from a platform on to the tracks in Camden, then delivering a beating and an obscenity-laced tirade when the two boarded the train. Through the several minutes of the beating (not to mention, spitting) captured on video, she dares her boyfriend to fight back, but he doesn't. “I hate you so much. You are the reason why every guy on this earth is a scumbag.” Sticks and stones may break my bones, but it's probably the repeated foot to the head that's stinging so much.

When You've Got to Go ... A Milleville man told Vineland police he just couldn't hold it in any longer, and that's why he was found urinating in a Boscov's changing room, according to a report on NJ.com. The man reportedly said he could not find a bathroom, and was out of options. We're sure the folks at Boscov's wish he'd tried just a little bit harder to come up with one. (By the way, that was one of two urination-related reports by NJ.com in a 24-hour period. We'd hate to be assigned that particular beat.)

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