Bergrin Tries to Rattle Witness

Former defense attorney tries to prove Young was coached

Former defense attorney Paul Bergrin continued his cross-examination Tuesday
of a man accused of gunning down Kemo Deshawn McCray, who was set to testify against a Bergrin client at the time of his death in 2004, North Jersey.com reported.

Bergrin, 57, who once owned a prominent law practice in the city,is representing himself against nearly 30 federal charges, including witness tampering and murder. The government alleges Anthony Young, who was on the witness stand for a second day Tuesday, was urged to kill McCray by Bergrin.

During his cross-examination of Young in Newark federal court, Bergrin homed in on alleged inconsistencies in Young’s testimony and also tried to prove he had been coached by federal authorities to alter his testimony. Young strongly denied being coached.

The judge in the case, Dennis Cavanaugh, again chided Bergrin for dragging out his cross examination, urging him to move on from questions that had been asked repeatedly.


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