Following Chase, Man Arrested on Weapons Charge

Suspect Was Trying to Ditch Gun, Police Say

A 22-year-old city man was arrested last night after he allegedly attempted to discard a loaded gun, police said.

Officers with the 2nd Precinct’s robbery suppression detail were patrolling in an unmarked car near Central Avenue and S. 9th Street around 10 pm when they spotted Terrence K. Imes II holding an object tucked in his waistband. When officers left their vehicle and approached Imes, he reportedly fled on foot, running through several backyards until he was caught by police. Imes was trying to place a loaded 9-mm gun beneath a parked car when police caught up with him.

Imes, who police director Sam DeMaio said has previously been arrested more than half a dozen times, was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and resisting arrest by flight.
“I am pleased to see that as part of our intelligent policing efforts our officers were deployed to the right place and at the right time, likely preventing this armed and dangerous suspect from committing a violent crime against our community,” DeMaio stated.

NORTH WARD December 23, 2011 at 06:54 PM
This guy has been incarcerated at least three times, once for more than a year...and he's only 22 years old. Now, we'll pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for his public defender, food, lodging, and other expenses when he hopefully is convicted or pleads out...a waste of taxpayer money for someone who doesn't deserve to breathe our air.
Chanelle L'Oreal December 25, 2011 at 06:00 PM
To ALL you who are passing judgment on someone you that you DON'T even know, DON'T act like you NEVER had someone in your family that committed a crime before. NOT only was he publicized in the paper but along side of that was his picture, as if he committed a " HOMICIDE " or as if he was an " Animal ". Terrance is a GOOD person that made a BAD decision now as well as he has in the past but OVERALL , I still love him , he's NOT a killer, he's a human being just like ALL of you are , DONT be SO quick to judge before you know all of the facts and you know the person that he TRULY is. Terrance keep your head HIGH , &' you can overcome ANY obstacle even this one no matter HOW hard , God will see you through this one - learn from this mistake that you have made & hopefully it will be your last. - I LOVE YOU , your aunt Kim
NORTH WARD December 25, 2011 at 08:01 PM
Sorry, no one in my family has ever committed a crime, possessed illegal weapons, sold drugs, or have been incarcerated. We follow the law in my family and some are cops. It's pretty simple...He's a bad actor and would still be on the corner of Central and South 9th today selling dope and carrying a gun if he wasn't caught on Thursday...that's what he does.


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