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Newark Police, Community Leaders Recognized at City Hall

Thirty-two total awards doled out last Friday

A slew of Newark policemen were honored, with many receiving promotions, last Friday during a city hall ceremony recognizing the officers' valor and dedication within the community.

"Today we pause to recognize humble heroes who go into domestic crises and crime scenes and help people in desperate situations and despair bridge the gap back to safety and peace," said Newark Mayor Cory Booker. "These are America’s greatest heroes by far, because they put their lives on the line."

A total of 32 awards were presented by Booker and Police Director Samuel DeMaio, who also gave out civilian/citizen community service awards to Pastor Joe Carter, of New Hope Baptist Church, Angel Crawford, Jimmy Rivera and Donna Jackson.

This year, the "Class A" award, also known as the medal of honor, was given to nine police officers involved in six separate incidents with armed suspects, including Morgan. (See full list below.)

Among those recognized was the Newark police officer who was shot to death in Paterson last November. Morgan posthumously received a medal of honor, presented to his mother Phyllis Morgan.

"This even is very personal for me," she said. "The Newark Police Department has been like my family."

Following the ceremony, Booker, DeMaio and other members of the Newark Police Department held a memorial for the 51 officers killed in line of duty at the police memorial on Franklin Street. Each name, starting with Officer Maxwell Badgley, killed in 1854, was read in order, with Morgan's the last. Two bagpipers played "Amazing Grace" at the end of the memorial.

Twenty-five total Newark police and firemen earlier this month.

Below is a list of all honored and promoted last week.

"A" Award Recipients

  • Sgt. Matthew Ruane
  • Police Officer Ronald Bernard
  • Police Officer David Nieves

On November 20, 2011, Sergeant Matt Ruane, and Officers Ronald Bernard and David Nieves arrested two suspects who were fleeing in a stolen vehicle. One of the suspects fired several shots at them from the vehicle. Sergeant Ruane and his officers apprehended both suspects and recovered the weapon.

  • Detective Frederick Johnson                      

On January 9, 1999, Detective Frederick Johnson was involved in a close-quarters gun battle with an armed assailant. During a fight for his life, Detective Johnson was struck numerous times by the suspect’s gunfire. Even though he was wounded, Detective Johnson returned fire and used sound tactics and judgment. Detective Johnson proudly rejoined the Newark Police Department in 2006. 

  • Detective Josue Martinez
  • Detective Michael Morgan Jr.

On May 17, 2011, Detectives Josue Martinez and Michael Morgan, Jr. confronted an armed suspect who proceeded to fire upon him and other officers. Detectives Martinez and Morgan returned fire striking the suspect. The suspect was found to be in possession of a .32 caliber handgun as well as cocaine and heroin.

  • Police Officer Edwin Carrero                                            

On April 17, 2011, Officer Edwin Carrero, while off-duty, was driving on Clover Street when he observed a suspect looking into parked vehicles. Officer Carrero took immediate action and approached the suspect who pointed a black handgun at him and fled the scene. A foot chase led to the apprehension of the suspect and the recovery of the weapon.

  • Police Officer Fulvio Marano                                            

On August 15, 2011, Officer Fulvio Marano observed a stolen vehicle drive recklessly towards him. Officer Marano fired at the vehicle after it struck a pedestrian who was walking on the sidewalk. The pedestrian became lodged under the vehicle after it struck a tree. Officer Marano arrested the suspect for numerous charges. The pedestrian later recovered from her injuries.  

  • Police Officer Joseph Silva                                                 

On May 16, 2011, Officer Joseph Silva encountered a suspect with a handgun in a crowded courtyard. A foot pursuit ensued and the suspect pointed his handgun at Officer Silva. Officer Silva shot the suspect who was later apprehended and the weapon recovered.
"B" Award Recipients

  • Sergeant Louis Turco                                                
  • Police Officer Edward Santiago    
  • Police Officer Robert Moore

On January 12, 2010, Sergeant Louis Turco and Officers Edward Santiago and Robert Moore chased a suspect across the roofs of houses, later placing him under arrest. The suspect was wanted for fatally stabbing his girlfriend.

  • Police Officer Rafael Freitas                                              

On May 16, 2011, Officer Rafael Freitas encountered a suspect with a handgun in a crowded courtyard. A foot pursuit ensued and the suspect pointed his handgun at officers. The suspect was later apprehended and the weapon recovered. 

"C" Award Recipients

  • Sgt. Luis Cancel
  • Detective Josue Martinez
  • Detective Thomas Del Mauro
  • Police Officer Robert Moore
  • Police Officer Miguel Acabou
  • Police Officer Onofre Cabezas
  • Police Officer Arthur Lima
  • Police Officer Arthur Wohltman
  • Police Officer Julio Arroyo
  • Police Officer Gerard Freeman
  • Special Police Officer Brendon McMahon

Chief’s Award

  • Capt. Ivonne Roman

Director’s Award

  • Deputy Chief Kevin Schneider
  • Lt. Robert Purcell

Purple Heart Award

  • Detective Frederick Johnson

Department Unit Recognition Award

  • Traffic Section

Civilian Employee Recognition Award

  • Angel Crawford

Citizen Community Award

  • Pastor Joe Carter, New Hope Baptist Church
  • Jimmy Rivera
  • Donna Jackson

2012 Promotions

  • Deputy Chief Israel Caraballo, Jr.
  • Deputy Chief Tracy S. Glover
  • Deputy Chief Domingos A. Saldida
  • Captain Kerry A. Dos Santos
  • Captain Arthur Jorge
  • Captain Wilfredo Mercado
  • Captain Joseph O’Connor
  • Captain Ivonne J. Roman
  • Captain Eugene Venable
  • Lieutenant Edward Borger
  • Lieutenant Jerry Calabrese
  • Lieutenant Lillian Carpenter
  • Lieutenant Michael Gillens
  • Lieutenant John Melillo
  • Lieutenant Brian A. O’Hara
  • Lieutenant George Ramos
  • Lieutenant Scott Sayre
  • Lieutenant Joseph Senica


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