Raymond-Lockwood Red Light Camera Fines Start Today

More Automated Cameras Begin 30-Day Trial period Today

A red light camera installed a month ago will now begin issuing tickets, city officials said today.

The intersection of Raymond Boulevard and Lockwood Street, which started its 30-day warning period on April 11, will begin issuing $85 violations effective today, Friday, May 11. During the 30-day warning period, 391 warning letters were issued to motorists who ran through red lights at the intersection of Raymond Boulevard and Lockwood Street.
The city is also expanding the program to include a three new intersections; Bergen Street and West Runyon Street in the South Ward, Bergen Street and Avon Avenue in the South Ward, and Washington Street and Central Avenue in the Central Ward. The warning period for the intersection of Bergen Street and West Runyon Street began yesterday. The warning period for the intersections of Bergen Street and Avon Avenue and Washington Street and Central Avenue, will begin on May 11.
All motorists who run through red lights at these intersections will receive a warning, and after the warning period expires, motorists running red lights at this intersection will be issued an $85 traffic violation.
The City of Newark’s “Project Red Light” Automated Photo Enforcement System first went into operation on December 16, 2009, at the intersection of Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard and the intersection of Broad and Market Streets. The New Jersey Department of Transportation issued its one-year Red Light Running Report in November 2011 and it stated that for Broad Street and Market Street overall crashes decreased 25 percent, and for Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard overall crashes decreased 74 percent. Taking both intersections into consideration, Red Light Running Program had a net economic benefit of $149,000.
The type of violation issued is similar to one for running a red light captured by a police officer on the street, with the exception that no points will be assigned against the driver or the owner of the vehicle.

Me May 11, 2012 at 04:12 PM
It is dissimilar to an officer issuing a citation on the street in that the $camera only mails a "notice of violation" which does not legally mandate any response and can safely be tossed in the trash upon receipt without any further thought on the recipient's part. When enough folks do this the "economic benefit" to the folks that may benefit dries up and the local jurisdiction that sold you out to the $camera company is left to try to find the money to pay the $camera company (which is the ONLY entity that benefits from this $cam).
bigsherrod2 May 11, 2012 at 11:59 PM
Just another way to get money from people other states and city's do it so newjersey followed any way they canget money from people nj will find away big rip off


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