State Police Unveil New Online Crime Reports

Data from New Jersey towns will be updated weekly

The New Jersey State Police have announced the creation of an online report that will provide updated information on crime in New Jersey communities, college campuses and other locations.

Previously, such “Uniform Crime Reports” had only been released annually.

The data, which will be updated about once a week as it is provided by local departments, can be accessed here and shows year-on-year comparisons in varios crime categories by month. For example, the posting as of Monday showed the number of various crimes committed in January 2012 versus January 2013.

For most communities, the January 2013 data has not yet been provided by the municipalities but is expected soon.

Information on the city of Newark appears on page 525 of the document and shows the city in January 2012 had six murders, four rapes, 166 robberies -- including 102 with firearms -- 207 burglaries, 33o motor-vehicle thefts and 90 assaults.


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