Video Spotlights Newark's Red Light Cameras

Photo enforcement system saves lives, officials say

The city of Newark has created a video touting the benefits of its red-light photo enforcement system, which officials say has led to a steep decrease in serious accidents while acting as a “force multiplier” for city police.

In the short video, a UMDNJ physician, as well as business administrator Julien Neals and other city officials, say the cameras have been an effective deterrent, spurring motorists to proceed with greater caution when approaching intersections.

In 2009, the intersections of Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard and Broad and Market streets became the first in New Jersey to be monitored by the cameras, which automatically register when a motorist runs a red light. The images are then reviewed by traffic officers, who determine whether to issue a ticket. Since then, cameras have been installed at nearly 20 more intersections, including at Market and Mulberry streets, which went into operation this week. 

Violators who choose to forego court and pay the $85 fine get no points on their license.

The cameras are not popular with some motorists and elected officials, who have said the camera enforcement systems violate drivers’ rights and are not always accurate.

anthony finch February 26, 2013 at 06:36 PM
Bergen and Avon ave. Faulty.


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