Raymond Boulevard Losing a Car Lane in East Ward

Narrower motorway meant to ease pedestrian, bicyclists' access to riverfront parks

A section of Raymond Boulevard has lost a motor-vehicle lane to make way for a new bikeway, city officials said.

The major east-west thoroughfare has been reduced from three car lanes to two between Chapel and Somme streets in the East Ward effective Friday. Work on the roadway is expected to be completed by Monday, the city’s engineering department said.

The lane will be converted to bicycle access only and is intended to make it easier for non-motorists to get to parks along the Passaic River, including City Riverfront Park and Essex County Riverfront Park.

The change resulted from a state Department of Transportation study aiming to improve quality of life and park access along Raymond Boulevard, a high-traffic area where motorists often zip along at near-highway speeds.

 “We are reducing Raymond Boulevard from three lanes to two in order to reduce the high-speed feel of this roadway, and to make the street safer for pedestrians and to add a bicycle lane. This will make Raymond Boulevard safer for everyone who uses it, motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike. I commend our Department of Engineering for undertaking this important project,” said Mayor Cory Booker.

Thomas Kolakowski May 14, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Well, this well intentioned stupidity caused a three car accident this morning. Expect more to come! There is no need to a bike lane and there are traffic lights for pedestrian crossings. All this did was make it harder to get to work and endanger people's lives and property. In the three years I have used Raymond Blvd I have not seen a single pedestrian nor a bike using the stretch of road that was reduced to two lanes. This morning one was blocked due to the accident.Way to go Newark, real dumb move!
A. Newarker May 14, 2013 at 04:52 PM
They are working on another bike lane on Mt. Prospect Avenue from Heller Parkway to the Belleville line. I don't expect people will care to bike the stretch anymore than they do with the bike lane on Washington Street.


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