Newark Charity Gives Money to Seton Hall Prep

Money will fund scholarships for inner-city youth to attend school

Inner-city male students who attend Seton Hall Prep in West Orange got a boost late last month when a Newark-based non-profit group gave $10,000 to the school.

The check was presented to school officials by Ronald S. Glover, Newark police sergeant and founder of non-profit . The money goes to benefit the school’s Thomas J. Griffin-Bridges program, which provides scholarships and other forms of assistance to inner-city students in and around Newark to attend Seton Hall Prep.

The money was collected from a golf outing this summer at where 100 golfers signed up for the event which was set up by R.A.C.E. NJ.

"We are very happy with our partnership with R.A.C.E. NJ.," said Ivan Arocho, director of the Thomas J. Griffin-Bridges Program, during a short interview at Seton Hall Prep. "This gift plays a huge role in our goals."

This year, the Griffin-Bridges program is giving over $135,000 in scholarships and benefiting 19 students, Arocho said. The program has drawn students from Newark, East Orange, Orange and Irvington.

"The Thomas J. Griffin Bridges Program, which had its beginnings in 1985, stands at the top of the list of programs of which Seton Hall Prep is most proud to support," said Msgr. Michael E. Kelly, headmaster of Seton Hall Prep, in an emailed statement. "Over these 25-plus years, numerous students have been provided a Seton Hall Prep education and sent out on their way to a productive future, which would not have been possible without the Griffin Bridges Program. Seton Hall Prep appreciates the generous benefactors who have made this opportunity a reality for needy yet academically qualified inner-city students."

Right now, Arocho said, they are prepping four rising seniors who will be applying to elite or competitive colleges.

One of the scholarship students, Rob Recio, a 17-year-old from Newark, was happy with the gift from R.A.C.E. NJ.

"I can't be anymore thankful for the opportunity and support they give to us," Recio said.

Glover said he was more than happy to help.

"It's definitely about putting opportunities to these kids and to reach excellence," he said. "R.A.C.E. NJ is totally committed to Griffin Bridges and to raise money to keep the program going."

R.A.C.E. NJ is devoted to mentoring students in the greater Newark area, giving them opportunities to attend cultural activities such as fields trips and plays and rewarding them scholarship money to attend local private schools.

For more information on R.A.C.E. NJ, contact Glover at ronaldsglover@gmail.com or call 973-820-3948.

Checks can be made payable to R.A.C.E. NJ, 201 Chestnut St., Newark, NJ 07105.

to read Patch's profile on Glover and R.A.C.E. NJ.


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