Newark School Will Reopen Nov. 7

Just 38 of 75 schools have power, according to superintendent

Newark Public Schools will reopen Wednesday, Nov. 7, officials have announced.

Schools in Newark will also be open Nov. 8 and 9, after the New Jersey Education Association Convention for teachers and administrators in Atlantic City was canceled Thursday.

School-based personnel are being asked to report to buildings Nov. 5. The district's central office and schools will be closed Election Day Nov. 6, as previously planned.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, only 38 of 75 schools in Newark currently have power, according to Superintendent Cami Anderson. She said schools sustained minimal damage from Hurricane Sandy.

"I'm pleased to report that since we were spared rainfall, the actual long-term damage to buildings is quite minimal," she said.

SAT testing is canceled this weekend and will be rescheduled for a later date, said Anderson.

Families with special education students will be contacted by the Office of Special Education regarding school plans.

"Families can do things to support learning at home," said Anderson.

A suggested list of learning exercises for children, including problem solving and current event activities, is located on the school district's website.

School officials said Friday the hope is that all buildings will be open next week. However, in the event that schools are still without power, students will be sent to a "sister school." Parents will be alerted by officials about this as the situation progresses.

Four district schools are being used to assist Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Hot meals will be served at West Side High School (403 South Orange Ave.), Malcolm X Shabazz High School (80 Johnson Ave.) and Samuel L. Berliner (70 Montgomery St.).

John F. Kennedy School (311 South 10th St.) is housing residents in need of shelter.

Any residents with school-based questions should call the city's non-emergency hotline at 973-733-4311.

Sorriso Najjemba November 02, 2012 at 06:31 PM
This is not surprising at all. PSEG should be held accountable for the outrageous lies it divulged to the mass media relating to the restoration of power in Newark. This only served to divert much needed attention away from this economically depressed city. We are not okay sitting without electricity in these dropping temperatures. As of yesterday 3 pm, most of the Ironbound was still in the black. Thank goodness public transit was restored and some of us were able to escape on a NYC bound express bus. Kudos to NJ Transit for the smooth escape (in merely 30 minutes). I've been watching various news channels and it seems that there are no reporters stationed in Newark to capture our ordeals and document the extent to which PSEG misinformed the media. Is it because we are a poor city? And what now with the school calendar? Does this mean our children will be sitting in the classrooms until July?
Janise Reliford-Afolo November 02, 2012 at 11:51 PM
As being a resident of Newark---I will not allow the comment to be made that due to this city being poor is why there is no response to our city. I grew up in Linden, New Jersey and my parents still live there in the first ward---and there is no electricity or heat----so lets refrain from the racist comments and etc. I do not believe that we really understand the full devastation of this storm and the full blown damage it has caused---we are pissed off with pse&g but have we even thought to thank God for his grace and mercy to let us pull through this storm and sparing our families. Now let's stand to be corrected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A. Newarker November 05, 2012 at 12:16 PM
I thought it was interesting that Mayor Cory Booker would contact Gov. Christie during a press conference with President Obama who in turn announced that "I've been contacted by Cory Booker and Newark now has electricity." At the same time I and my neighbors were sitting in our apartment building freezing because we had no electricity and no heat. Cory will do anything for publicity - including lie.


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