Antonella Rao
Antonella Rao is a photojournalist based in West Orange.
Starting with a love for sports photography, she soon discovered a passion for all types of photojournalism. A magna cum laude graduate of New York's Marist College, where she earned her degree in art history, Rao worked as an intern in New York City for Francesco Carrozzini, the celebrity portraitist. She now works exclusively for Patch. Rao works with a Nikon D90 and various lenses, depending on conditions and environment. Her photography heroes are Ami Vitale and Henri Cartier Bresson, whose legacies  inspire her to constantly strive for achievement and innovation in the field of photojournalism.  Rao has been shoved, smacked, questioned, thrown out of locations; praised, thanked and asked to return again soon; but, then again, her career is just beginning.  Don't miss out! Rao is available for private photography projects as well. Contact her at rao.antonella@gmail.com.
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